Amano Designs is the combination of two talents, Fanie Moller is a blacksmith of note and Lello Incendiario can create marvels with wood. Together they supply exotic doors, that until now has only been available through imports. Often those imports result in some destruction of historic temples, churches and buildings.


Amano uses mainly reclaimed wood and so ensuring a service that is sustainable and non destructive to our forests. The unique features and hardness of the wood and the raw metal and rivets make up a product that will last for centuries to come.

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AMANO "One of a Kind"

One of a kind is what describes these magnificent doors. Each door manufactured to the speicfiactions of the client ensuring their style and individuality creating the desired first impression that one looks for in an entrance.

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Other treasures like the solid yellow wood tables, sculptures, hardwood cutting blocks, cabinets and chess tables are also available.

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The "Madiba Table of Wisdom" was launched to commemorate Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday. The table is engraved with inspirational Madiba sayings and finished with metal hardware including shackles and chains. A second art piece called "The Table of Wisdom" also engraved with wise sayings stands at a local art gallery in Knysna.



The Amano Showroom

Sculpture - Madiba's Table of Wisdom

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